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  • We buy antiques, paintings, glassware, stamps and coins!

  • Would love to see your collectibles!

  • No appointment needed!

  • Largest collection of antiques in Rochester!

  • Half a city block of over 20 gallery settings!

  • 40+ years of experience!




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Adventures in Antiques….on half a city block!

 Interested in seeing a wide array of unique and authentic antiques? Head on over to RAM; Rochester Antique Market & Galleries! Considering that owner Jack Darcy has been collecting and selling antiques since his college days, he has quite a collection in his Monroe Avenue storefront shop.


Located in sight of Rochester’s Strong Museum for over 40 years, the antique dealer and buyer of all sorts of items agrees that he thinks it’s exciting to browse for treasures amongst his antique furniture, artwork, pottery, collectibles, toys and rugs. Possibly the largest store of it’s kind in Rochester!


Arranged according to specific past eras, the shop’s also a museum-like experience. In addition, Jack delights in buying your very own items too-including stamps, coins and paintings. Consider bringing in a few items when you venture out!


Please feel free to invite your friends and family to join you on an antique adventure at 155 Monroe Avenue, next to Rocco’s Italian Restaurant.


Rochester Antique Market & Galleries, Rochester’s premier antique showroom

Antique Dealer & Owner

Rochester Antique Market & Galleries

Jack Darcy

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